How much are missed calls costing you? Let’s find out! – Calculator included.

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Are you a business owner and sometimes miss calls? Does your office phone receive a bank-up of missed calls over the weekend or even overnight? Have you ever stopped to crunch some numbers on how that might be stunting your growth? 

Probably not. You most probably thought that’s just the way it is. They can leave a message and you will call them back. But how often do they either not leave a message, not answer returned calls or politely let you know they “found someone else” 


I first thought about this when working for an event management company as a booking agent. My job was to package together accommodation and experiences for large groups. When we did not have pre-determined partners in certain areas, we would simply research and book as anyone else does; Through Google. 

I remember searching Google for “Fishing Charters Cairns” and starting at the top. I had a group of 10 people I needed to book for with a budget of $350 each. The Charter Companies did not have a booking portal, they encouraged people to leave an online enquiry and wait for them to get back with availability. But I (Like most people these days) did not have time for that. 

I called the first company – no answer

I called the second company – no answer

I called the third company – Finally, I had someone on the phone and proceeded to book a day-long fishing charter for 10 people at around $3400.

The other businesses called back, but it was too late. 


Missed call cost

Fast forward one year, I am now helping businesses like these grow their digital presence through Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads strategies. I recall another moment – I have a new client who started questioning our results. I am looking at 42 “Conversions” meaning we were able to get 42 people to either submit their contact details OR call the business phone number listed in our Ads. 

My client said the data was wrong. So we dug deeper into the data.. Our phone conversions were correct, but we noticed many of those conversions were only a few seconds long. Meaning the calls were going to the message bank! 

So this client is paying us a management fee, paying for the Google Ads (Around $50 per conversion at the time as it is quite a competitive industry) but then missing some calls. Being in such a competitive industry, if you’re not first to answer the call, your last.

aint first

For this client, I estimate an average Job was worth around $2000 I would also estimate only 1 in 4 missed calls would have converted into a paying job. Back of the napkin maths has this client’s missed calls at around $10,000 per month. 

Use the Calculator below to get an estimate of how much your missed calls are costing you

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator


Monthly $$$ Left on Table:

If any of this resonates with you, you have 3 options: 

  1. Carry on being too busy to grow or streamline your business. 
  2. Improve your systems and processes enough that new clients don’t need to call you (Create online booking systems or helpful chatbots)
  3. Contact Us to learn about our “Missed Call – Text Back” Automation strategy. 

This strategy is simple to set up and will keep your prospective clients engaged by auto-sending them a text sequence. You and your admin staff can take over the text conversation whenever you are free via an easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard. Simple, but super effective. 

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We have a few other Automation features up our sleeves, which we won’t mention here. If you would like to learn more. Please book a meeting below.


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