Talking Tools Ep.1: How Loom Saves Me 11+ Hours Weekly! 🚀

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Welcome to the first instalment of “Talking Tools,” where I dive into some of the digital marketing tools that help me streamline my work and boost productivity. Today, we’re talking about Loom, a versatile video recording software that has become a game-changer for me and my team.

What is Loom?

Loom is a powerful tool that allows you to record videos directly from your computer. Whether it’s your screen, webcam, or both, Loom makes it easy to create high-quality videos quickly. But what really sets Loom apart is how it helps you communicate more effectively, saving you time and effort.

How I Use Loom

Here are some of the ways I use Loom in my daily operations:

  1. Video Proposals: Instead of writing lengthy emails, I create quick video proposals. This personal touch not only saves time but also makes my pitches more engaging and easier to understand.
  2. Explaining Tasks: When assigning tasks to my team, I use Loom to record detailed instructions. It’s like being there in person, which ensures everyone is on the same page and reduces misunderstandings.
  3. Responding to Emails: Sometimes, it’s easier to explain things verbally. I use Loom to record my responses, especially for complex queries. This approach is faster and often clearer than typing out a long email.
  4. Onboarding and Training: Loom is fantastic for creating onboarding and training videos. New team members can watch these videos at their own pace, and they can revisit them whenever they need a refresher.
  5. Design Feedback: Providing feedback on design work can be tricky through text alone. With Loom, I can walk through the designs, pointing out specifics and giving detailed feedback that designers can follow easily.
  6. Updates and Marketing Materials: Regular updates and marketing materials often benefit from a personal touch. I use Loom to create videos for internal updates and even for some of our marketing content.

The Time-Saving Impact

Using Loom has been a massive time-saver. On average, I save about eleven and a half hours each week. Instead of getting bogged down in endless emails and meetings, I can communicate more efficiently, allowing me to focus on what really matters—growing my business.

Why You Should Try Loom

If you haven’t tried Loom yet, I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use, and the benefits are immediate. You’ll find that it’s not just about saving time; it’s also about improving the quality of your communication.

Whether you’re running a small business, managing a team, or simply looking for ways to be more efficient, Loom can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.


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